Quit Blaming The Client

Another revision. Another REVISION. ANOTHER REVISION!!! That’s it. I’m so done with this client…. Sound familiar? Here’s the problem with you, the designer, getting pissed that your client is asking for another change – it’s not their fault. It’s not their fault you didn’t charge enough to cover revisions. It’s not their fault you didn’t

I don’t care that your Professor at Uni said it. I don’t care that some rando YouTube “guru” told you. I don’t care that you have convinced yourself of it. PHOTOSHOP IS NOT FOR DESIGNING LOGOS. If you want to be serious about the craft of logo design; if you want to build a following

It’s the modern age of logo design yet I still see so many designers falling back on design ideals of the 1990s. The swoosh is dead. Leave it that way. The swoosh, although a design element I could really do without ever seeing again, isn’t the worst of the worst. The drop shadow. This favourite

A Number Tells You NOTHING!

Welcome to the first of my “daily rant” posts. I use that phrase, rant, as a tongue in cheek type thing as these are meant to be educational as well but they’re mostly just me venting my frustrations on the things I see that annoy or frustrate me in the current design world. Today I’m

brush tool adobe illustrator tutorial

The Brush Tool

Understanding how to use the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator is a basic skill. In this video I cover everything you need to know to get started using the brush tool.