Mogul Timepieces

Mogul Timepieces is a company I created as practice for my logo and branding services.

At its core Mogul is a family company, owned by 2 brothers – Michael and Matthew. Since their very first watch, a Swatch Watch for both of them, they have been obsessed with everything to do with watches.

They are currently in the process of launching their first watch – the Mariner. It’s a beautiful timepiece with every bell and whistle you could imagine – the only thing holding back production was the lack of a logo.

I stepped in to help bring their vision to life. The M in the logo is more than just the company initial. The two stems of the M were made to look like pillars – the two pillars of the company, Michael and Matthew – standing strong and proud and holding up the company! The top angles on the M were brought down to match the birth months for both of the brothers, Michael in October and Matthew in February. Aside from these design aesthetics the rest of the design was created using a grid that you can see in the images.

The base brand will mostly utilize the logo in either all black or a mix of gold and white where possible. Images will be taken of the final product at which time further details will be added here. This is a lifestyle brand, with the watches having a market entry price of just over $2000 per unit.